Academic Partners

RefactorU provides leadership and curriculum to higher education

A new style of learning

Skills-centric, competency-based, accelerated learning models are rapidly augmenting or displacing traditional credit-based offerings – including non-Title IV programs. Yet the majority of higher education providers are not equipped to effectively compete in the new skill-based education landscape. RefactorU collaborates with higher education to bring hands-on immersive bootcamps to traditional environments.

We tailor our programs to meet your needs.

Benefits of partnering with RefactorU

RefactorU makes it easy for your institution to enter the booming bootcamp market:

Speed-to-market - We deliver a proven, turnkey solution that gets you going in weeks, not years.

Competitive differentiation - You offer distinctive, industry-leading technology courses that attract more students in the regions where you operate.

More “10 Money” - Strengthen your top-line performance and diversify your revenue sources.

A phased approach

RefactorU leads you through a proven process, from analysis and initial scoping through deployment and ongoing support. We ensure your success every step of the way.

Let's change more lives!

Since 2013, hundreds of students have graduated RefactorU’s program and are currently working at top companies around the world. Our vision with our partners is to change the lives of 10,000 people by 2020--let’s work together to make that happen.

“I can't say thank you enough to everyone at RefactorU for helping me to redefine my career focus in a matter of just a few months.”
– Samuel G.