Full-stack JavaScript Bootcamp

Reinvent yourself with our 10-week JavaScript bootcamp

Web development with JavaScript

RefactorU’s JavaScript bootcamp is a 10-week course covering the latest full-stack web development technologies. You create your own web applications while building a portfolio of projects to share with potential employers. Instructors provide you with the training, tools, and support you need to become a top-notch, entry-level web developer.

Based on our experience, typical results for graduates of the RefactorU bootcamp are: 


of students employed within 6 months of graduation*

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Our Network

An Expanding National Network

In 2013 RefactorU launched its first web development bootcamp in Boulder, Colorado.  Through our growing network of affiliate locations, we are proud to offer you the RefactorU bootcamp experience in Westminster, Colorado and Dallas, Texas. 

Affiliate Campuses:

Westminster, Colorado: DeVry Bootcamp

Dallas, Texas: National American University

“In my first real interview after graduation, I had to take two computerized JavaScript aptitude tests. I scored on the high end of “proficient” on the first one, and “advanced” on the second one! The division director sent me home early saying he had experienced dev's on his team who couldn't have done it any better.”
– Matthew R.

Our Career Services team helps you connect with hiring managers and recruiters from the nation's top tech companies

Ten weeks by design

RefactorU is the practical alternative. We know how difficult it is to step away from work for an extended period and still make ends meet. That’s why we focus on the essentials–we strip away all the “nice-to-have’s” and teach just one popular stack. With a solid foundation in JavaScript and new abilities to think like a developer, you can quickly learn other languages, platforms, and development processes.

JavaScript Bootcamp
Week One
Fullstack Basics
Git and Github
Developer Tools
CSS Layout, Specificity, Box-Model
Bootstrap and Responsive Design
JS Primitives
JS Objects & Arrays
JS Functions

JavaScript Bootcamp
Week Two
Paired Programming
Deeper into Functions
Functional Programming
DOM Manipulation & Events
Advanced Terminal
Advanced Git
Node Modularity
Node HTTP Servers
JavaScript Bootcamp
Week Three
Introduction to Angular
Angular Directives
Angular ng-repeat, interpolation
Angular Factories and Filters
Angular (Front-end) Routing
Intro to Deployment
Front-end API Hackathon
JavaScript Bootcamp
Week Four
Midterm JavaScript Projects
JavaScript Bootcamp
Week Five
Intro to Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
OOP Inheritance and Privacy
OOP Demo Application
JavaScript Bootcamp
Week Six
Intro to Express
Express Middleware
REST theory
Express Request Objects
Express and APIs
Express MVC
JavaScript Bootcamp
Week Seven
Cookies & Sessions
Full Application Demo I
Full Application Demo II
JavaScript Bootcamp
Week Eight
Web Scraping
File Uploads
Build Systems & Tools
QA & Testing
Deeper into Deployment
Full App Hackathon
JavaScript Bootcamp
Week Nine
Final JavaScript Project
JavaScript Bootcamp
Week Ten
Final JavaScript Project

Meet our bootcamp instructors

We selected our instructors for their exceptional coding skills, as well as their teaching ability. Our instructors are committed to helping you get the most out of your JavaScript bootcamp experience.

“For my first job, I got hired to build an enterprise-ready version of an application that I did as part of my coursework at RefactorU. In my interview I was able to show them a functional application that proved I had experience working on relevant, cutting-edge technologies: Node/Express, Sockets, and MongoDB. That just shows how relevant our training in Boulder was.”
– Christopher L.