Terms of Use of RefactorU Website

This hot legal mess of Terms of Use applies to all websites owned and operated by RefactorU LLC (the “Website”). The Website is the property of RefactorU LLC (“RefactorU”). If you use the Website, you (1) acknowledge that you have read this Terms of Use; (2) certify that you are 18 or older and are able to enter into a legally-binding agreement; and (3) accept this Terms of Use and agree to be bound by its terms. If you don’t agree with the Terms of Use, please go look at some other tech-related website.


Subject to the terms herein, this Website offers content which we intend to be solely for your own, personal use, and you are not to use it for any non-approved commercial use or benefit. Our Website is constantly being updated and edited; so it’s subject to change at any time. We reserve the right to make any changes at any time; after all, it’s our own damn website. So, anything on the Website is being provided as-is. We don’t accept any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, security or anything else relating to the content on our Website. We also reserve the right to take down the Website altogether; to ban you from using the Website, to take down parts of the Website, or make our changes to the Website without notifying you first. We can also change this Terms of Use at any time. Sorry bout that.


By using this Website, you agree to these Terms of Use and to our Privacy Policy. You agree that you won’t use this Website to violate laws or regulations of any sort, wherever in the world you might be. Fraud, copyright violations, hacking, harassing, virus-making and other related things are pretty much illegal wherever you are. Please be a good world citizen and don’t do these things. If you do somehow use this Website to participate in something illegal, RefactorU disclaims all liability for this unauthorized use of our Website, and we reserve the right to suspend or delete your account and/or bar your use of the Website at our sole discretion. We also reserve the right to report you to the proper authorities.

We reserve the copyright to all content in our Website. That means no derivative works without our permission.

We are not responsible for any reliance on the content of this Website. You can use it for your own personal use at your own risk.

If you want to link to us, re-blog, re-post, share, or otherwise hype up our content, that’s probably awesome, but you have to get written permission from us first. Contact info@refactoru.com to inquire about permission to do so.

If you interact with our Website and/or post stuff or comment here, you grant us full license to use your post or comment. You also warrant that you have full authority and rights to post or share whatever it is you post or share. Thanks for sharing! If you are reading or using something that a third-party has posted or shared on our Website, then you agree that RefactorU is not liable and denies all responsibility for that content. We reserve the right to take down anything posted or shared at our own discretion.


We won’t sell your personal information. That’s not our thing. If you want more information about what we do with any personal information we collect, see our Privacy Policy.


Subject to the limit of applicable laws, RefactorU and its licensors, affiliates, contractors, minions, service providers and other related entities have no liability arising from your use of the Website and its content for:

  • personal injury, property damage, theft, lost profits, cost of substitute goods or services, loss of data, loss of goodwill, loss of reports, loss of content, hardware or software failure, or any other imaginable or unimaginable damages; and/or
  • any tort, contract, statutory or other damages you or a creative lawyer can come up with; and/or
  • any damages that exceed the amount you paid to use our Website. Since everything here is free, well, that means we’re not liable to you for any money. It’s as-is.

You further agree to indemnify us and all related entities or persons against all losses, liabilities, costs, fines, penalties, etc. of any kind, including attorneys’ fees and/or court costs that you may incur due to your use of the Website.


If there is a dispute regarding the use of the Website and/or this Terms of Use, you agree that it shall be submitted to binding arbitration in the County of Boulder, Colorado, to an arbitrator of RefactorU’s choosing. The costs of arbitration shall be shared equally between the parties. Should any further legal action result, you agree that the sole venue for such action shall be the applicable courts in Boulder County, Colorado, or, if federal court is necessary, the Federal Courts located in Denver, Colorado. You are responsible for all court costs and fees, even if RefactorU instigates suit. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of these courts, and agree that Colorado law shall apply to all disputes.

Thanks for reading.